A Dozen Eggs - Private View

Had a fantastic evening on Thursday, officially 'launching' A Dozen Eggs at Bank Street Arts Gallery. John Clark, the Gallery owner, said that the exhibition had already had some very positive comments (especially the Installation) (the exhibition actually opened to the public on Tuesday), which was really encouraging.

Unfortunately my Mother couldn't attend the exhibition as she is quite poorly (and immobile) in a Care Home, so I promised her that I would make a little video for her to see (which features both the exhibition itself and a few of my sisters who were able to come along). My wife also took a couple of photos of the event, which I have included below.

All in all the evening went superbly well, and the Installation proved to be an enormous success (it was rather pleasing to see that everybody gravitated towards the 'family room' by the end of the evening, being 'drawn' to the comfort of the setting). The way that the images were viewed between the Gallery and the Installation settings was fascinating to see (the former being 'detached' and 'elevated', with the latter creating 'connection' and 'intimacy') and was exactly the kind of reaction that I had intended when I decided to split the exhibition into the two different contexts. I am now really fired up to taking this work further.