OCA - Assignment Five (and Final Submission) Feedback

My tutor’s comments were, once again, well received and have helped to finalise the images for my exhibition. The OCA’s ‘Submission Advice’ does not allude to sending the actual exhibition images for assessment; however, were there that requirement, I would utilise the advice given, in that:

1. I would change Image 11 to ensure that the landscape format was adhered to, to ensure that the ‘middle’ images between the ‘bookends’ of each line followed a strict visual pattern. For Example:

Instead of:

2. I would ensure that all images were ‘tweaked’ (in terms of utilising ‘dodging’ and ‘burning’ where appropriate to maximise the images impact).

3. I would present the images as outlined in my Assignment 5 feedback – A3 is certainly the minimum image size that I would like to present for this work.

It is important to note that the restrained use of blur within the first 2 lines of the exhibition (as noted by my tutor) was a conscious decision on my part. I wanted to align the images with the poetry, leading to an eventual ‘explosion’ of camouflage in the final line, accompanied with the words ‘slipping and sliding’ to describe a scene awash with ambiguity. All of the images for the exhibition can be viewed on my 'flickr' webpage.

Overall, I feel extremely pleased with the results for the exhibition. I still feel it is a work in progress, and with a future trip to Afghanistan planned within my work, I feel this will be an opportunity to further develop this body of work.