Classic Cutaways

I'm a complete classic car 'nut' (I only wish I had the cash to fill the 'dream space' at the end of my garden that is waiting for a Porsche 356B to be parked in it), so I've started to indulge in a project called Classic Cutaways. I had the idea at the Vintage Fair I went to recently, at which there were a delicious variety of classics to turn my head. I wanted to capture some great images of the cars, but without being so cliched (or boring!) with the shots; it may not have worked, but by capturing images that are full-bleed, block-colour, with a single point-of-interest from the car, I hope to have created something that is visually fresh whilst bringing to the fore a piece of the car that is glanced at but is often lost 'in the whole' - a 'Classic Cutaway'.

Vintage Fair Photoshoot

Fresh from completing my degree studies with the culmination of 'A Dozen Eggs', I got the opportunity to join the Vintage Hair Lounge team at a recent Vintage Fair, to take images of the fantastic work that the girls do. The hairstyles are absolutely amazing and it was wonderful to witness the confidence that it gave the ladies visiting the lounge; I overheard one of them say, 'I feel like a movie star' - and she really did!

Vintage fairs are popping up all over the UK, and for good reason; not only do people look incredible immersed in their 1940s, 50s and 60s gear (everything from cars to clothes to a myriad of period accessories), but they are also looking for some good old-fashioned, nostalgic goodness to take their minds off modern austerity (or at least to put things into perspective a little). People REALLY get into this, dressing up in their retro finery, and having some historic fun in a friendly, fascinating setting. I'm hooked - and I can't wait to get to the next event and start adding to my 'Vintage' images.