First Book Publication

I'm absolutely delighted to have finally published my first photobook, called Sandringham: Walks With My Human. I self-published it under the 'HaVe' name, using the online publishing company, Blurb (the book can be viewed online by clicking on the Blurb link). I have been working on the images for the book for several months (a bit at a time - fitting in the work around my day-job, studies, and other photographic projects), so it was in some way a relief to finally see it in print. Blurb have, once again, delivered an excellent product, and the book now holds pride of place on my bookshelf (albeit over-shadowed by the exhalted company of the 'professional' photobooks on display).

The completion of the book is a key moment in my life. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and to sustain a project for a long period of time in order to collect the images was a real lesson in concentration and dedication to an idea. It was also an incredibly useful exercise in choosing what images to display, in what order, and in what format/size. I'm not saying that I have got it completely right, but it is certainly the first step on a long ladder of learning on which I wish to climb. Whilst the project may never see the light of day (in terms of an exhibition), it has provided the motivation to work on future, long-term projects, which I hope to one day exhibit and publish professionally.

Wedding Shoot

It's been an incredibly busy couple of months, during which I have completed a large piece of work for my Master's degree; however, that doesn't mean that I haven't focused on my photography. As well as putting the final images together for my OCA course (which will be sent to my tutor in the next week), I have also spent a good deal of time putting together a wedding album from a shoot I did in late October. As always with weddings, it was incredibly hard work, but I am delighted with the results. The album was published through the online publishing service, Blurb, who once again delivered an outstanding product. The album can be viewed by clicking on the Blurb link.