Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed Exhibition

An interesting and diverse range of talent was on display at The Photographers' Gallery exhibition for new and aspiring photographers and artists. They were not all to my taste but a couple of ideas really struck a cord. The first was by David Birkin, with a piece entitled I Was So Entranced Seeing that I Did Not Think About the Sight, which depicted a sheet of gelatin silver paper that had been exposed to the light from atop the Empire State Building whilst facing south towards the World Trade Center - embossed onto the paper was a braille translation of Helen Keller's blindsight description of the New York skyline in 1932, which I thought was a wonderfully inventive way of bringing the viewer towards the image (although I was desperate to touch the paper and feel the braille - maybe that was what Birkin had intended, but I didn't feel the gallery would be too pleased).

The second series of images which really caught my eye were by Jonny Briggs, which I thought were truly original, creating 'new realities' through re-imagining what at first glance was a simple 'family snap'; by cutting the image within its frame and 'sliding' it along, it created a fun, yet bizarrely faux-real concept of the documentary.

Of other worthy note (from my own subjective perspective) was Anders Birger, Alison Bettles, Emma Critchley and Seo-Yeoung Won; excellent and thought-provoking work.

Anders Birger

@Hey_Joud #Syria: Why is everybody spreading the zionist media lies about alleged 3’500 ppl “killed” during “crackdown” ?

Alison Bettles

From the series Unruly Habits

Emma Critchley

Freediver Portraits, 4 metres

Seo-Yeoung Won


I got some great ideas for presenting my own images for my exhibition in Sheffield - or should I say, I feel more comfortable about my choice of presentation, having now seen the diverse display of arrangements offered in this exhibition.